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The Democratic Party is facing a demographic crisis

by Musa al-Gharbi

The Democratic Party is in crisis. Demographics will be unlikely to save them. If anything, the trend seems to be going in the other direction.

The Antidemocratic Origins of Fake News

by Jeremy C. Young

The cynical philosophy of those who peddled false information in the 1910s and 1920s can help us understand why fake news is not only bad for the public but also antithetical to a democratic culture.

How military service influenced the modern Civil Rights Movement

by T. Anthony Bell

Medgar Evers, like many civil rights activists, was a veteran. Their service shaped their activism.

The GOP’s Long History With Black Colleges

by Theodore R. Johnson and Leah Wright Rigueur

Could President Trump actually win over the leaders of historically black colleges and universities?

Have We Figured Out Trumpism Yet?

by Kevin Mattson

One thing we do know: It’s not economic populism.

What Calling Congress Achieves

by Kathryn Schulz

It’s said to be the most effective way to petition the government, but does it really make a difference?

What Is a Populist?

by Uri Friedman

And is Donald Trump one?

The surgeon who led the way for MLK and others

by David T. Beito

His name was T.R.M. Howard and he was the richest black man in Mississippi. (He was also on J. Edgar Hoover’s list of enemies.)

America’s mass deportation system is rooted in racism

by Kelly Lytle Hernandez

Historically speaking, immigration control is one of the least constitutional and most racist realms of governance in U.S. law and life.

Trump Can't Sell Fear Unless the Public Buys It

by Ira Chernus

Presidential fear mongering is not rare, nor a stark contrast to the past. It is the common pattern of the past in all living Americans' memory.

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