Half of Trump’s Voters Want a ‘White History Month’

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Some of President Donald Trump’s supporters are ready to swap out Black History Month for White History Month.

At least 46 percent of his voter base think there should be a White History Month, while 36 percent are against it. In contrast, 76 percent of Hillary Clinton voters oppose the idea. Only 45 percent of Trump’s supporters like Black History Month, compared to the 35 percent who don’t care for it.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 712 registered voters on February 7 and 8 and found that Americans are evenly split (46-46) on the prospect of impeaching Donald Trump, up from 40 percent last week and 35 percent from two weeks ago. The president’s disapproval rating is also on the rise, up to 53 percent from 44 percent three weeks ago.

Americans are mostly split on his immigration order, but a startling amount of Trump voters are using the nonexistent Bowling Green Massacre to defend it. An astounding 51 percent of Trump voters see the event (which isn’t real) as justification for his refugee ban.

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