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German Ambassador 1933: “Hostility to Jews Aimed Mainly at ‘Immigrants' ”

by Juan Cole

On the similarities between the Trump / Bannon inaugural speech and Fascist ideology.

Adding insult to injury, Trump flirts with classic Holocaust denial

by Chemi Shalev

He excludes Muslim immigrants and expunges Jews from memory but the new president sees himself as 'incredibly inclusive.'

Trump’s Immigration Ban Is Illegal

by David J. Bier

Congress long ago outlawed discrimination based on national origin.

From Goldwater to Reagan and now Trump. But Americans will fight this latest brand of cartoon conservatism.

by Heather Cox Richardson

The war against the liberal consensus began as a backlash against Roosevelt’s New Deal. Trump has simply stripped away its genteel veneer.

Trump adopts Nixon security model, except worse

by Ray Locker

He's excluded key people, elevated former Breitbart chief Steve Bannon, and put it all on paper.

Our history shows there’s a dark side to ‘Buy American’

by Dana Frank

Campaigns urging us to buy U.S.-made products are as old as the republic, but they are often shrouded in racism.

2017 isn’t ‘1984’ – it’s stranger than Orwell imagined

by John Broich


On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Google Search Still Helps Deniers

by Dan Friedman

Google shapes the worldview of billions so if we can’t trust Google, the bullies have won.

Why Trump’s wall with Mexico is so popular, and why it won’t work

by David Cook Martín

Building walls has rarely has achieved its intended effect, and may result in wasted resources and lost opportunities for the United States.

It’s dangerous to flatter Trump’s narcissism with too much attention

by Michail Theodosiadis

If we’re to break out of the narcissistic cycle and solve the problems of which Trump is a symptom, we need to talk and think about it in the right way.

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