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Blustering Toward Armageddon

by Jeremi Suri

How Donald Trump will take America to war.

The Age of Great Expectations and the Great Void

by Andrew J. Bacevich

History After “the End of History”

Three myths about the Electoral College

by Edward A. Zelinsky

Myth #1: The Electoral College naturally favors the GOP.

No! The Electoral College Was Not about Slavery!

by Gary L. Gregg II

The opponents of the Electoral College, in attempting to undermine support for the institution, have painted it with an unfair half-truth that distorts the historical record as well as the constitutional principles undergirding the system itself.

For Anti-Trump Protesters: Lessons From the First White House Protests

by Peter Dreier

Those protests were on behalf of the cause of women's suffrage.

The Millionaire Who Took on McCarthy

by Gil Troy

William Benton was an advertising icon and wildly successful investor—and with those millions backing him up, he took on the country’s scariest politician.

When George Wallace Came to Town

by Joe Allen

Donald Trump’s appeal to some suffering white workers shouldn’t surprise us. George Wallace did the same thing four decades ago.

Martin Luther King Day With Trump

by Jelani Cobb

The holiday will be presided over by a President who scarcely seems to comprehend King’s principles.

Top 4 Ways Bush even more Outrageously Dissed the Intelligence Community

by Juan Cole

The difference between Trump and Bush is only a matter of rhetorical style, and Trump hasn’t had the opportunity yet to endanger America the way Bush and the Neoconservatives did.

From Willie Horton to Donald Trump

by Doug Rossinow

Of all recent Republican standard-bearers, the one whose presidential campaign stands out as the most shockingly exploitative and hateful is the one who figures least of all in liberal narratives of Republican moral decline. That is the first President George Bush.

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