The Israeli Culture Minister's Warped Sense of History

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During Hanukkah, Culture Minister Miri Regev conjured up another embarrassing surrealistic event; it happened while she was dedicating the new Pilgrim’s Way – an excavated Roman road leading from Jerusalem’s Siloam Pool to the Temple Mount. She said the site revealed the “historical roots” of the Jewish people in their homeland, and she assailed U.S. President Barack Obama for his country’s vote on the settlements at the UN Security Council.

“Mr. President Barack Obama, I’m standing here on a road my forefathers trod 2,000 years ago; no other people in the world has such a connection to its land – not the Ukrainians, not the New Zealanders, not the Angolans. No other people in the world has a connection to its land like the Jewish people’s connection to the Land of Israel.”

Really? How do you know we’re the most connected to our land? Because that’s what your fourth-grade teacher told you?

What do you know about the history of Angola or New Zealand? What about China and Japan, which also voted “against Israel”? China has been around from before your God created the world, so are the Chinese less connected to their land than we are? When it comes to ignorance and arrogance, no other nation is like us.

And after that, on the very same day, the minister went on TV and added: “Who is Obama? With all due respect, he’s history. We have Trump, we have the Almighty.”

Now it turns out that according to Regev there are two kinds of history. One kind is true, just and permanent. This one belongs to the Jewish people, their Trump and their God, and it’s only mentioned with awe, such as in “the history of the Jewish people.” ...

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