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JFK’s Dangerous Playbook for Trump

by Jeff Greenfield

How Kennedy stretched the power of the White House to go after companies—and what could go wrong.

Aleppo, the American Civil War, and “Civilization”

by Matthew C. Hulbert

We have been in the very place Aleppo is now. Scenes like those seen lately taking place in the streets of that city played out on American soil during our own civil war.

Not Your Founding Fathers' Electoral College

by Robert Schlesinger

Stop saying this is how the system was designed to work.

With Fall of Aleppo, will a Russo-Iranian Middle East challenge Trump?

by Juan Cole

While Trump himself has indicated an ability to live with a Russo-Iranian Middle East, his cabinet will be made extremely upset by it.

Trump's Middle East Policy Revealed?

by Daniel Pipes

Trump will learn soon enough there's no way to ignore the Middle East, much as he'd apparently like to.

Pink-Collar Pain and Our New President

by Katherine Turk

American women should spotlight shared concerns and demand that Trump do much more for laborers than search for the blue collar jobs that were more likely automated than exported. -

Obama's Foreign Policy Was an Utter Failure

by Victor Davis Hanson

Nations are collections of human beings, and human nature has not changed, despite Obama’s pleadings.

The Woman Who Killed Soviet Union

by Ralph Benko

She was a Texas socialite who got a congressman to back the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

Classifying humans into races the biggest mistake in history of science

by Darren Curnoe

Race theory has wreaked untold misery and been used to justify barbaric acts of colonialism, slavery and even genocide.

Can Republican senators get to 60 seats in 2018?

by Stuart Rothenberg

A net change of eight seats would be large by historical standards but not unprecedented.

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