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The Faithless-Elector Fantasy Is Fun, but It’s Just a Fantasy

by Jeff Greenfield

It’s all a shadow play—entertaining, provocative, but bearing no relation to political reality.

Stop dreaming. The Electoral College is here to stay.

by Joshua Spivak

But it is important to understand its actual, widely ignored, roots.

The founders provided a solution to Trump: impeachment

by Jack Rakove

Forget about Federalist 68 — it's Hamilton's Federalist 65, with its discussion of impeachment, that we'll want to study.

An Intellectual History of Trumpism

by David Greenberg

Trump’s ideology has deep roots in U.S. history. But this is the first time it’s made it to the White House.

American Radicals and the Change We Could Believe In

by Eric Foner

The Obama era reminded us all that popular movements play an essential role as catalysts for political action, but Obama himself, unlike Eugene V. Debs, may not have understood this.

Another Kind of “Identity Politics”

by John Fea

Is Mark Lilla right that liberals need to get beyond identity politics? And just what do we mean by identity politics anyway?

Donald Trump says he wants to fix cities. Ben Carson will make them worse.

by Thomas J. Sugrue

Carson's lack of experience with urban policy, his bromides about socialist planning, his indifference to fair housing and his calls for individual boot-strapping don’t bode well for the future of metropolitan America.

Trump questionnaire recalls dark history of ideology-driven science

by Paul N. Edwards

The Trump questionnaire harks back to the McCarthyist “red scare” of the early 1950s, when congressional committees and the FBI hounded eminent scientists accused of communist leanings.

Obama Administration Report Card on Foreign Policy

by Jeremy Kuzmarov

Grade: C-

‘Even though I am a girl…’

by Roshanna Sylvester

John Glenn’s fan mail and sexism in the early space program

The World Fears Trump’s America

by Mark Moyar

That’s a Good Thing.

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