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What Ben Carson should learn about housing segregation

by Richard Rothstein

Mr. Carson has expressed opposition to the Obama administration’s new HUD requirement that cities and suburbs develop plans to end their segregation or face possible loss of federal funds. Here are some examples of facts he should know.

The Rush To Normalize Trump

by Rick Perlstein

The mainstream media is woefully unprepared to grapple with the hatred and trauma of this election.

How fascism crept into America

by Knute Berger

The last time fascism came knocking, some Americans tried to ignore it.

A history of the American anti-feminism behind Clinton’s defeat

by Jo Gill

To understand what lies behind Trump’s ideology and rhetoric we can look to the work of a disparate group of American anti-feminist thinkers.

Barack Obama’s Crash Course in Foreign Policy

by Andrew J. Bacevich

After eight years on the job and many mistakes, he has gone from callow rookie to seasoned veteran.

Nixon as a presidential candidate also openly challenged US foreign policy goals

by Roy Doron

It was over our policy on Biafra.

Syria unlikely to be Partitioned: The Resilience of Colonial Borders

by Juan Cole

Whenever a country falls into civil war, there are always observers who suggest that the problem could be resolved by a partition of that country, but with Syria it isn’t likely to happen, and it wouldn’t necessarily be good if it did.

Is Democracy Doomed? We've Been Here Before.

by Bill Scher

The value of democracy was widely questioned in the mid-1930s, as the Great Depression was yet to be tamed during the early stages of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency.

Donald Trump is no Mussolini, but liberal democracy could still be in danger

by Kimber Quinney

A more important question is not whether Trump is an American Mussolini, but if American democracy is as vulnerable to fascistic erosion as Italian democracy was.

After a mere 25 years, the triumph of the West is over

by Charles Krauthammer

The autocracies are back and rising; democracy is on the defensive; the U.S. is in retreat.

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