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The Sundown Town Vote in Wisconsin: Race-ing the Trump Victory

by David Roediger and Kathryn Robinson

Did sundown towns elect Trump in Wisconsin?

The seeds of the alt-right, America’s emergent right-wing populist movement

by George Michael

How did the movement gain traction in recent years? And now that Trump has won, could the alt-right change the American political landscape?

Will Trump election mean airbrushed history?

by Ron Grossman


The Real Legacy in Jeopardy Under the New Congress? LBJ’s.

by Josh Zeitz

The GOP has plans to take apart many of Johnson’s Great Society reforms. Will Trump let them succeed?

The End of Identity Liberalism

by Mark Lilla

Our fixation on diversity cost us this election — and more.

How to Fix the Electoral College System

by Matthew Cooper

There are two interesting ideas that could make the system better.


by Andrew J. Bacevich

Trump loves winning, but American generals have forgotten how.

After the Know-Nothings

by Johann N. Neem

Like today, many political leaders in the 1850s were surprised by the Know-Nothings’ success.

Why Donald Trump should read the Wizard of Oz before becoming president

by Janet Greenlees

We shouldn’t miss the parallels between the near-miss of the Populists in the 1890s and Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Remembering the US soldiers who refused orders to murder Native Americans at Sand Creek

by Billy J. Stratton

While the Sand Creek massacre has been the subject of numerous books, much less attention has been given to two heroes of this horrific event: U.S. soldiers Captain Silas Soule and Lt. Joseph Cramer.

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