Clinton's email, and the history of October surprises

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Sex scandals. Natural disasters. Arrests. War. Peace.

Those are just some examples of what can constitute an "October surprise" — the last-minute bombshells that tend to land before Election Day and can blow apart the prevailing assumptions about who is winning a given presidential campaign.

The news Friday that the FBI discovered new emails related to its investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server —  during a separate probe into Anthony Weiner no less — certainly fits the definition of an October surprise, but it is only the latest one in what has become one of the most tumultuous elections in American history.

Even before Comey's letter threw uncertainty back into what was looking like a sure Clinton victory, this October had a few big surprises for Republican candidate Donald Trump.  First, there was The New York Times revelation about Trump's $916 million loss claimed in his 1995 tax return. That was quickly overshadowed by the Access Hollywood recording that revealed some lewd comments from the GOP nominee. And that tape was followed by allegations from several women of unwanted sexual advances from Trump over the years.

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