The First Time a Plane Was Bombed

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Thumbnail Image -  Lockerbie bombing, By Air Accident Investigation Branch - Air Accident Investigation BranchReport No: 2/1990 - Report on the accident to Boeing 747-121, N739PA, at Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, Scotland on 21 December 1988 Report name: 2/1990 Boeing 747-121, N739PA.

As investigators examine recovered wreckage of the EgyptAir plane for evidence of a bomb, they are commencing a ritual first performed 83 years ago after a United Airlines plane went down on a flight from Newark to Chicago.

FBI reports on the Oct. 10, 1933 crash outside Chesterton, Indiana record witnesses hearing an explosion “such as heard in a quarry or blowing stumps.” The tail section of the plane was found a half mile from the main body.

At the unprecedented prospect that a bomb had bought down an airliner, the FBI took the case. Celebrated G-Man Melvin Purvis set aside his hunt for Public Enemy Number One, John Dillinger.

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