78% of active Reddit threads mention Hitler

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If you’re on a popular Reddit comment thread, there’s a good chance you’ll come across at least one mention of Hitler or Nazi Germany.

A data scientist who blogs with the pen name Curious Gnu analyzed 4.6 million publicly available Reddit comments. He found that 78% of subreddits with more than 1,000 comments have at least one mention of Hitler or Nazis.

Some of those the subreddits invite comments about Nazis, since they’re focused on political and geographical discussions. The subreddit called “History” has by far the largest number of Nazi mentions, with 2.5% of all comments involving Hitler and related topics. That subreddit is followed by “AskHistorians,” “European,” “Italy,” and “De” (short for Deutschland).

But even if you strip out history subreddits, there’s really no avoiding Hitler on Reddit.

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