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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This week ... Paul McCartney and the Little Rock 9, Hamilton (of course!), Gail Collins, Drumpf, John Lewis, Rudyard Kipling, and more.

Social Media News: What Historians Are Talking About

This week ... Kim Gilmore, Kevin Kruse, Niall Ferguson, Peniel Joseph and more.

Trumpology: A Master Class

by Susan Glasser and Michael Kruse

There are five people who’ve gone deeper on The Donald than anyone else alive. We brought them together for the definitive conversation about who he really is.

Native Americans Were Kept As Slaves, Too

by Andrés Reséndez

Native Americans had enslaved each other for millennia, but with the arrival of Europeans, practices of captivity originally embedded in specific cultural contexts became commodified, expanded in unexpected ways, and came to resemble the kinds of human trafficking that are recognizable to us today.

Hitler and the Nazis’ Anti-Zionism

by Jeffrey Herf

During the Cold War the Soviet Union, its Warsaw Pact Allies and the Western far-left spread a variety of lies about the history of Zionism, the most famous of these falsehoods being the assertion that Hitler and the Nazi regime were supporters of Zionism.

Al-Qaeda Everywhere

by Juan Cole

US support for Oppressive Gov’t’s made Bin Laden’s Killing Moot

We Know We Hate the Establishment—but Do We Know What It Is?

by Michael Kazin

The vague term obscures where power really lies.

America Becomes What Its Founders Feared

by Louis René Beres

We the people want comfort and easy wealth, but very little else.

Our gun myths are all wrong: The real history behind the Second Amendment clichés that have sustained our lethal gun culture

by Pamela Haag

America was born with a unique bond to gun culture, some would have you believe. They're peddling bad history.

Labour in meltdown – but what is antisemitism?

by Eric Heinze

With simmering tension within the British Labour Party over claims of antisemitism, it’s an ideal moment to consider what antisemitism actually is.

The First Global Terrorists Were Anarchists in the 1890s

by Maya Jasanoff

In its heyday, anarchism promoted a broadly appealing vision of a free, stateless society.

Trump and Sanders aren’t blazing new trails

by Bart Bonikowski and Noam Gidron

Populism has run through U.S. politics for a very long time.

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