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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This week ... Ken Burns on Jackie Robinson, Ben Affleck and the American Revolution, Woodrow Wilson and racism -- and more.

Social Media News: What Historians Are Talking About

This week ... students protests, black beauty shops, Max Boot, and more.

Lessons from 1912: Why Trumpmania Probably Won’t Last

by David Greenberg

Teddy Roosevelt was the Republican insurgent of his time, and his third party turned out to be a footnote.

This war is for America’s soul: Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and how wealthy white elites protect themselves

by Heather Cox Richardson

It's the elites vs the people in this presidential campaign, and nothing less than democracy is at stake.

The Secret Origins of the Tea Party

by Jeff Nesbit

How big oil and big tobacco partnered with the Koch brothers to take over the GOP.

No humbug: Striking similarities between Trump and P.T. Barnum

by Thomas Bender

He seems to think that he is “The Greatest Show on Earth.” And many of his supporters likely agree.

No one will be able to stop the political violence Donald Trump is unleashing

by Todd Gitlin

Violence at Trump campaign events has been increasing in intensity despite Trump's insistence that his rallies are peaceful.

Will Trump Become Conspiracy Theorist in Chief?

by Joseph E. Uscinski

Donald Trump’s foray into the conspiratorial began with birtherism, the idea that Obama was born outside of the United States.

MLK’s mighty ally in the fight for civil rights was a union

by Peter Cole

This union: International Longshoremen’s & Warehousemen’s Union (ILWU)

What the GOP Should Know NOW About Warren G. Harding’s Presidential Win in 1920

by Ron Radosh and Allis Radosh

The dark horse from Ohio emerged from a contested convention as the nominee and then became president.

Writing a Blank Check on War for the President

by Andrew Bacevich

How the United States Became a Prisoner of War and Congress Went MIA.

Stop Honoring Racists — Say Goodbye to John Mullaly Park in the Bronx

by Alan Singer

During the Civil War Mullaly, an avowed racist, called for armed resistance to the military draft.

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