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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This week ... JFK assassination, gay secret language, Holocaust art and more.

The GOP's Resilience Is Time-Tested

by Nancy C. Unger

Some Republicans hope that the nomination can be wrested from Trump at the convention, a ploy that failed for Roosevelt supporters in 1912.

The Way We Never Were

by Stephanie Coontz

For much of the century, traditional "family values" have been more myth than reality.

The Double Standard on Terrorism Justifications

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Why do we go out of our way to explain the causes of Islamist terrorism and never do the same for white right-wing domestic terrorism?

America’s First Minister of Propaganda

by Gil Troy

George Creel was so talented, he got Americans to support a war they had just voted against.

Will Obama Be Ranked Among America’s Greatest Presidents?

by Steven M. Gillon

As Barack Obama enters the final months of his presidency, historians, journalists and self-appointed pundits will participate in the ritual of ranking him on the scale presidential greatness.

The Man Who Turned Hitler Into Hitler

by Robert K. Wittman and David Kinney

In this prologue to the mesmerizing The Devil’s Diary, we meet Alfred Rosenberg, the evil mastermind who more than anyone shaped Hitler’s thinking.

Weimar America?

by Eric D. Weitz

Forget Trump. It's the people who paved the way for him who seem uncomfortably familiar to an expert on pre-Nazi Germany.

Have We Ever Had a President Like Donald Trump?

by Joshua Kendall

Yes, we have—but you have to go back to the nineteenth century.

Start Making Sense: Bernie Is Bringing the Reagan Era to an End (Podcast)

by Jon Wiener

Bernie Sanders is the leading edge of the historical forces bringing the 40-year Reagan era to an end, says Richard Parker of Harvard’s Kennedy School.

America's Original Lone-Wolf Terrorist

by Greg Bailey

In the space of a few days, he passed from deranged nut to lone-wolf terrorist and possible conspirator in the public’s mind.

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