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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This week ... Shakespeare and sex, Nazi art catalogue, "Hamilton," and more.

In Election Years, a History of Confirming Court Nominees

by Timothy S. Huebner

Even unpopular or lame duck presidents successfully carried out their constitutional duties to fill Supreme Court vacancies during election seasons.

In election years, a (spotty) history of confirming court nominees

by Jonathan H. Adler

In only seven of cases were the nominees confirmed prior to the election.

The Clintons Aren’t to Blame for Mass Incarceration

by Leon Neyfakh

The 1994 crime bill was wrongheaded and draconian. But it didn’t cause the explosion in the prison population.

The Next Justice? It’s Not Up to Us

by Garry Wills

Those who profess an absolute devotion to the Constitution should at least pay it some lip service

When Harry Truman Nearly Doubled the Minimum Wage

by Teresa Tritch

And unemployment went down, not up.

Trump’s anti-trade tirades recall GOP’s protectionist past

by Marc-William Palen

Reagan's free trade policy is the exception in Republican Party history.

Damnatio Memoriae

by Claire McCaffery Griffin

We shouldn't be erasing history.

Henry Kissinger: Sage or Pariah?

A debate between Niall Ferguson and Todd Gitlin.

Top 5 Scalia Rulings that helped Progressives

by Juan Cole

Perhaps his passing is an opportunity to point to a few things on which we, as Americans, did agree, because of our commitment to the Constitution, however different our interpretation of it might be in general.

What A 19th Century Campaign To Declare Mormons ‘Non-White’ Tells Us About Modern Islamophobia

by Jack Jenkins

There is one particularly unusual historical example that helps make sense of today’s barrage of Islamophobia: when American writers, politicians, and even scientists argued that Mormons — yes, Mormons — weren’t white.

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