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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This week ... Disney, Black Panthers, Virgin Mary, and more.

The Myth of a 'Second Gilded Age'

by James Livingston

The late 19th century, supposedly the golden age of laissez-faire capitalism, was actually a nightmare for capitalists.

Reagan's Pistol and the Myth of a Good Guy with a Gun

by Rick Perlstein

The modern-day “tactical” movement is out of its mind

Foreign Policy Winners and Losers in Iowa

by Juan Cole

The Iowa Caucus voters likely voted mainly on domestic policy issues, but it is worth considering the foreign policy implications of the winners of the primary.

America's New Vietnam in the Middle East

by Ira Chernus

A Civil War Story About the Islamic State Might Spark a Peace Movement

Flint's toxic water crisis was 50 years in the making

by Andrew R. Highsmith


Sanders' Campaign Is American as Apple Pie

by Mannish Sinha

The abolitionists would be proud of him.

The threat Cruz and Trump pose to the GOP establishment

by Ryan Lizza

First the party bosses selected candidates. Then candidates self-selected. Then the party took back control in the invisible primary. And now? The outsiders are riding high.

The Triumph of the Hard Right

by Garry Wills

A review of E.J. Dionne’s "Why the Right Went Wrong: Conservatism—from Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond."

When College Radicals Obliterate History

by David Davenport and Gordon Lloyd

Liberals are erasing history. Is George Washington Next?

Pushback for Anti-Israel Academics

by Cary Nelson

The American Historical Association recognized that its own credibility was on the line in a recent vote.

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