Professor Sanders Offers a History Lecture

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Hillary Clinton once joked that she comes from the ’60s. But sometimes Bernie Sanders still lives there. 

As the Iowa caucus rapidly approaches, Sanders has begun some of his speeches with an ode to past social movements, including labor rights, women’s suffrage, civil rights and gay rights. In front of crowds, he ticks them off one by one and teaches them like a history lesson. In all of them, the moral arc is the same: some people had it rough, they banded together and fought the man, and then they won.

Remember the right to unionize? “In the early 1900s, American workers were forced to work 50, 60, 70 hours a week,” the Vermont Senator told a crowd of 1,300 on Friday night in Dubuque. “Men and women said, ‘We will not have this, we are human beings, we want dignity in our jobs.’”

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