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The Great Renaming Craze of 2015

by David Greenberg

How a worthy examination of our country’s troubled past become a wholesale condemnation of our troubled forebears. And why we should be worried about it.

Stranger than Strangelove: how the US planned for nuclear war in the 1950s

by Paul Lashmar

It has long been known that many targets would have been subjected to multiple nuclear attacks – and this led to the expression “Overkill”. But the study suggests the actual overkill would have been greater than previously believed.

Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Nazis and the Holocaust

by Jeffrey Herf

Setting the record straight about his views and influence.

Turkish Pres. Erdogan cites Hitler in case for Presidential System

by Juan Cole

The Hitler remark is important beyond its political context. It suggests there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

The Genocidal Unconscious of American Sports’ Naming Practices

by Greg Grandin

The Texas Rangers bear the moniker of America’s most celebrated death squad.

The Sudden But Well-Deserved Fall of Rahm Emanuel

by Rick Perlstein

The sins of Emanuel are finally catching up with him.

Two Weaknesses Could Undo the Islamist Movement

by Daniel Pipes

Weaknesses within, especially squabbling and disapproval, could undo the Islamist movement.

Roots and genes

by Alondra Nelson

‘Roots’ sparked an African-American quest for identity through family history. Does DNA finally provide firm grounds?

Nixon’s “environmental bandwagon”: Richard Nixon signed the landmark Clean Air Act of 1970 — but not because he had any great concern about the environment

by Richard L. Revesz and Jack Lienke

Nixon was not one to be outdone by his political rival "Mr. Clean" Ed Muskie

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