The Average American Has a Lot to Learn About Women's History

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New research from the National Women's History Museum reveals that the vast majority of us are more familiar with our nation's heroes, than our heroines. 

The Museum surveyed more than 1,000 men and women nationwide, and found that less than one in four Americans can name the accomplishments of Elizabeth BlackwellIda B. Wells-Barnett or Sybil Ludington, whereas more than three quarters of respondents are familiar with the achievements of Neil Armstrong, Frederick Douglass and Paul Revere. The results of the survey, which have been published online, also reveal that more Americans feel more knowledgeable about sports and celebrity gossip than women's history. 

Perhaps even more striking is what the results tell us about the differences among age groups: while a third of all millennials surveyed believe they're knowledgeable about women's history, just 10 percent of adults over age 55 feel the same way.

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