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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This week ... Gettysburg address as Trump would deliver it, a history book turned into a film, Tolstoy read over the air, and more.

Trumping History

by Michael Kazin

The Trump phenomenon is better understood as an amalgam of three different, largely pathological strains in American history and culture.

We Can No Longer Ignore the Power of Woodrow Wilson's Racist Ideas

by Ibram X. Kendi

Racial debates about the past are simultaneously racial debates about the present.

Why Millions of Voters Are Pre-Wired to Support Donald Trump

by Rick Shenkman

How our stone-age psychology explains our susceptibility to lies and demagoguery in modern politics.

Thanks to right-wing deniers, schools still sow seeds of doubt over climate change

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Last Saturday, delegates from 195 countries signed a historic pact on human-made climate change. But in many American classrooms, students are debating whether pollution warms the planet at all.

GOP: A Neo-Fascist White-Identity Party?

by Michael Tomasky

It started 20 years ago, with pandering to racist and xenophobic movements. But today, in Trump’s GOP, it’s not so fringe anymore.

Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric will live in infamy in American history

by David Ignatius

Historians will look harshly on those who, for reasons of cowardice or opportunism, kept silent when Trump’s tirades put our constitutional values and the safety of Americans at risk — not to mention the political future of the GOP.

Trump: You Should Ban Islamists, Not Muslims

by Daniel Pipes

Trump's statement less an exercise in practical policy making than a gadfly provocation.

On the Way to Self-Destruction - Historian Mária Schmidt on Europe's Real Troubles - Part I

by Mária Schmidt

Nobody can have any doubt anymore about the painful fact that the European Union is desperately lacking in any defense capability of practical use.

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