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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

by HNN Editor

This week ... movies about Brooklyn, Narcs, and suffragettes and the crumbling architecture of Nuremberg.

How Woodrow Wilson Stoked the First Urban Race Riot

by Tom Lewis

On Monday, July 21, 1919, Washington, D.C. became a battleground.

What If Reconstruction Hadn’t Failed?

by Annette Gordon-Reed

The pervasiveness of white-supremacist ideology in academia gave license to Jim Crow efforts for decades after the Civil War.

For Trump, it’s the branding strategy, stupid

by Brian Balogh

Political pundits should stop asking what Trump plans to do as president. Instead, they should examine the impact that his campaign has had on the value of his brand’s bottom line.

Mystery: Just who was that man who looked like the Mufti?

by Martin Kramer

A historian’s search for evidence and the truth.

Ahmad Chalabi's bad advice on nation-building in Iraq

by Max Boot

Some claim Chalabi was right to warn Americans of the folly of nation-building in Iraq. But he was wrong.

The Servile Fanatic: Niall Ferguson’s Grotesque but Telling New Biography of Henry Kissinger

by Todd Gitlin

"It is not a happy forecast of what is to follow that Ferguson sees Kissinger’s critics as grudge-bearing self-seekers."

Shimon Peres doubts Israel can win Permanent war or Survive Annexation of West Bank

by Juan Cole

Former Israeli president Shimon Peres, 92, gave an interview with the Associated Press Monday in which he spoke bluntly about the mistakes of prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, without naming him.

Sundown towns remain problem

by James W. Loewen

Here's what they should do when caught.

Tainted Treats: Racism And The Rise Of Big Candy

by Nina Martyris

The candy market was divided by race. More expensive varieties, such as hand-dipped chocolate bonbons, were aimed at young white women and middle-class children. The cheap stick candy, meanwhile, was targeted at blacks, the Irish and Chinese.

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