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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

by HNN Editor

This week: Hamilton, Steve Jobs, "Bridge of Spies," and more.

The First Time America Tried Mass Deportation It Was a Disaster

by Claudio Saunt

Why would we consider trying it again?

Does Israel have a future?

by Martin Kramer

Many Arabs don't think the Jewish state will be around 100 years from now. Israel has to show it is the Arabs who have the most to fear from the future.

The Republican click-bait primary

by Julian Zelizer

Snappy one-liners have been commonplace for a while, especially in the era of television campaigns. But in 2015, invective is on the verge of becoming the norm.

Substance, style, and myth in the Kennedy-Nixon debates

by Christopher McKnight Nichols

Yes, image was crucial, but it also seems that what Kennedy had to say and how he approached the issues that was also significant.

Bush Lapdog Blair can’t Even Apologize Correctly for Destabilizing the Middle East

by Juan Cole

Blair’s “apologies” always take the form of the little boy who, when instructed to apologize for calling a lady fat, says, “Lady, I’m sorry you’re fat.”

Ending a Century of Palestinian Rejectionism

by Daniel Pipes

Palestinians are on the wrong track and will not get off it until the outside world demands better of them.

What you won’t hear from Donald Trump is that in the 1980s he trashed Ronald Reagan

by Michael D’Antonio

Reagan was too soft on the Soviets, said Trump.

Like Prohibition, the fight over guns is about something else

by Jonathan Zimmerman

It's about different ways of seeing the world and — most of all — about who will gain the symbolic upper hand.

America’s Peculiar Brand of Global Imperialism

by William J. Astore

The United States is a peculiar sort of empire.

Four Score and Seven Years Ago... at Disney World

by Tom Engelhardt

The Demobilization of the American People and the Spectacle of Election 2016

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