Mormons: Women in the early church gave blessings, but weren't priests

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The Mormon Church issued a new essay Friday addressing the sensitive topic of women in the priesthood, clarifying that although women gave healing blessings in the early days they were never allowed to be priesthood holders.

The article comes during a time when some women in the faith advocate for the ordination of women. A leader of a prominent group leading that push, Kate Kelly, was excommunicated last year.

An accompanying essay also published Friday explains the religion's belief in a Heavenly Mother, calling it a "cherished and distinctive belief."

The essays complete a series of 13 articles published in the last two years addressing sensitive parts of the religion's doctrine or history. The series is part of a larger push by the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for transparency over secrecy when it comes to its history and beliefs.

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