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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

by HNN Editor

Topics include: GOP debate, Yitzhak Rabin, Bill O'Reilly's new book, "Killing Reagan."

The Pope Is Coming to Get Us -- At Least That's What We Used to Think

by Edward T. O’Donnell

It was not that long ago that word of the impending arrival of a pope on the shores of the United States would have triggered bloody riots and a call to arms.

From ‘the Scarlet Whore’ to Pope Francis: A Brief History of America and the Papacy

by Ted Widmer

It would have amazed the Founders that a pope would be willing to speak to Congress—and that Congress would want to hear him, for that matter.

Ben Carson Would Fail U.S. History

by Denise A. Spellberg

The idea of a Muslim president was first debated 227 years ago

Bernie, Donald, and the Promise of Populism

by William Greider

Both candidates have been mislabeled as populists. The movement of that name was a genuine people’s rebellion that reinvigorated democracy. We can do it again.

The Founding Fathers: Demigods or scoundrels?

by Joseph J. Ellis

May I suggest that both images — the founders as secular saints or as politically incorrect sinners — tell us more about us than them.

The 168 Year-Old, One-Eyed Racist That Explains The Rise Of Donald Trump

by Ian Millhiser

Benjamin Ryan Tillman laid the legal groundwork for Jim Crow in his state — often advancing his racist views through murderous tactics.

Why the Pope wants to canonize Father Junipero Serra

by Steven W. Hackel

Serra may be remembered for whipping Indians, but the Pope hopes he'll serve to remind Americans of their Hispanic roots.

The Question of Narrative

by Tom Cutterham

Should historians employ the narrative approach? Or is it limiting?

Parental Advisory Forever: An Oral History of the PMRC's War on Dirty Lyrics

by Zach Schonfeld

Thirty years ago, the music industry changed forever in the midst of the Parents Music Resource Center's fight to identify and label explicit lyrics.

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