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Donald Trump Is Reagan’s Heir

by Matthew Pressman

The real-estate mogul is deploying similar tactics, but can he convince America to take a chance on him like the nation once did with Reagan?

If Goldwater can win the GOP nomination, why not Trump?

by Christopher Parker

After Republican nominee Richard Nixon lost a close election in 1960, the more conservative faction of the GOP sought a “real” conservative standard-bearer in 1964, and found one in Goldwater. He would go on to win the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump is brilliant revenge: The GOP’s demise looks a lot like this

by Heather Cox Richardson

The right used angry blue-collar voters and just made the rich richer. Supporting Trump settles the score

Can Bernie Keep Socialism Alive?

by David Greenberg

Sanders’ best hope today is to do precisely what Eugene Debs did a century ago: to win by losing.

Constitutionally, Slavery Is No National Institution

by Sean Wilentz

It is one of the most destructive falsehoods in American history to say otherwise.

Grandmaster of the Great Game

by Alfred W. McCoy

Obama’s Geopolitical Strategy for Containing China

War over the destruction of ancient ruins is madness

by Rory Olcayto

However much we revile the events at Palmyra, it is not worth going to war over ancient ruins, says Rory Olcayto

The Next Genocide

by Timothy Snyder

Hitler denied science and exploited ecological panic to lay the groundwork for genocide. It could happen again.

"The Star Spangled Banner": a slave-owner's anthem?

by Marc Ferris

Perhaps it is time to revisit the long standing debate about replacing the song that Americans love to complain about.

Dear Iraqi Architects, Archaeologists and Friends of Iraq World-Wide

by Ihsan Fethi

A New Destructive Project for Karbala Shrine!

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