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Germany's history explains why it's so accepting of refugees — and why it wants austerity for Greece

by Mike Bird

How can Germany be so seemingly cruel to southern Europe and so positive about bringing in people fleeing a war-torn country?

Clinton and Bush test America’s appetite for dynasties

by Rick Perlstein

US dynasties are not just political — parents pass half their wealth to their kids

Donald Trump is our creepy new face of demagoguery

by Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg

Our history is filled with demagogues. But factor in a pliant media and a reality TV culture, and we have a problem

Whether Jewish Refugees in ’30s or Syrians today, USA Falls Short of own Ideals

by Juan Cole

All the same arguments against letting in the Jews are now being deployed to keep out the Syrians.

A Tiny Silver Lining in the Otherwise Bad Iran Deal

by Daniel Pipes

Expectations are high inside Iran that the deal will unleash prosperity. If it doesn't the regime may be undermined.

Make Father Junípero Serra a Saint?

by Tony Platt

A conversation with myself.

After Dylann Roof, Ken Burns's Civil War documentary seems flawed

by Christopher Dickey

As Eric Foner noted at the time it was released, it largely overlooks the cause of the Civil War: slavery.

How Gregory Peck Fought Hollywood Bigotry

by Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall

Unpublished documents in the Margaret Herrick Library (the Oscars archive) reveal Peck’s personal opposition to racism, long before Harper Lee even wrote “Mockingbird.” The young actor attacked bigotry against both blacks and Jews.

Ronald Reagan, Heretic

by Timothy Egan

There’s a gaping disconnect among Republicans in 2015 between their worship of the 40th president and the reality of his long public career.

I love the Victorian era. So I decided to live in it.

by Sarah A. Chrisman

Everything in our daily life is connected to our period of study, from the technologies we use to the ways we interact with the world.

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