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How Trump Can Ensure Democratic Dominance for Generations

by Michael Kazin

It happened before, 90 years ago, when the GOP cracked down hard on immigrants. Republicans never recovered.

Inside the Salem Witch Trials

by Stacy Schiff

Diabolical doings in a Puritan village.

Could a Supreme Court justice be president?

by Lewis L. Gould

Bill Kristol has another bright idea to free the Republican Party from the looming prospect of a Donald Trump presidential candidacy. Why not, he inquires, Justice Samuel Alito from the Supreme Court?

What’s really at stake when a school closes?

by Jelani Cobb

Jamaica High School, in Queens, was once the largest high school in the United States. But after a hundred and twenty-two years, the school was closing; the class of 2014, which had just twenty-four members, would be the last.

Before Trump or Fiorina, There Was Wendell Willkie

by Michael Beschloss

Only once in American history has a major political party granted its prize to someone whose principal qualification was to have served as a corporate chief executive.

The Surge Fallacy

by Peter Beinart

Having misunderstood the Iraq War, U.S. Republicans are taking a dangerously hawkish turn on foreign policy.

Kissinger’s 4 lessons

by Niall Ferguson

Kissinger was never just a realist, as a review of his early life shows.

The Red-Baiting of Lena Horne

by John Meroney

At the height of her career, the beautiful young performer accidentally stumbled into a power struggle between Hollywood communists and McCarthyites.

These candidates can’t take a joke: Inside the baffling humorlessness of presidential politics

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Self-deprecating humor used to be an invaluable tool for connecting with voters. Now? Not so much.

An Error of Era?

by Scott McLemee

Review of Jacques Le Goff, "Must We Divide History Into Periods?"

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