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Why Republicans Reject the Iran Deal — and All Diplomacy

by Nicole Hemmer and Tom Switzer

Conservative hostility to this agreement is nothing new. G.O.P. hardliners denounced Nixon and Reagan’s diplomatic achievements too.

Xi’s history lessons

The Communist Party is plundering history to justify its present-day ambitions

It didn’t start with Limbaugh and Trump: The deep roots of the GOP’s war on women

by Heather Cox Richardson

Though Rush & The Donald draw attention for their vulgar misogyny, conservative assault on equality dates to Nixon

NYT Roundtable: Should ‘Birthright Citizenship’ Be Abolished?

Should birthright citizenship be abolished and, if so, what impact would it have in the United States? What alternative citizenship model should the U.S. adopt instead?

President Carter’s vice-presidential legacy

by Joel K. Goldstein

Part of his underappreciated legacy as president was the historic role he played in elevating the vice presidency from an awkward, standby position to a constructive part of government on an ongoing basis.

Wendell Willkie: a forerunner to Donald Trump

by Lewis L. Gould

The crowds in the galleries chanted “We want Willkie,” and the delegates yielded to what seemed an irresistible tide.

Who Is the Gravest Danger to World Peace?

by Noam Chomsky

Is Iran really a threat?

The Story Behind the POW/MIA Flag

by Rick Perlstein

That damned flag: It’s a shroud. It smothers the complexity, the reality, of what really happened in Vietnam. We’ve come to our senses about that other banner of lies. It’s time to do the same with this.

Is Pope Francis Right on the Science?

by James Lawrence Powell

"As remarkable as Francis’s understanding of science is his powerful and eloquent language."

The Atlantic is digitizing its archives. Here’s what the magazine claimed about women in 1903

by Lyman Abbott

The title says it all: “Why women do not wish the suffrage."

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