Carly Fiorina has a family connection to investigations into ’90s Clinton scandals

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The daughter of the man directly responsible for Kenneth Starr investigating the Clintons is now gunning to keep Bill and Hillary from returning to the White House.

A little-known piece of Carly Fiorina’s family history is that her father, Joseph Sneed, was on the three-judge panel asked to pick a new independent counsel to investigate the Whitewater case. And it was Sneed, a conservative federal judge appointed to the bench by Richard Nixon, who recommended Starr for the job.

The Clintons, and many Democrats, believed Starr was picked because he was a hard-line Republican who would come down harder on them. That’s been widely dismissed as conjecture. Still, his selection did set in motion an investigation much broader in scope than its original mission, and which eventually led to President Clinton’s impeachment.

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