Bill Clinton

  • Why Clinton Got Impeached

    by Rich Lowry

    The anti-Clinton case then was stronger than the anti-Trump case is now.

  • New Book Sheds New Light on the Starr Investigation

    by Sean Wilentz

    Twenty years after Kenneth Starr delivered to Congress his report recommending the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, the former independent counsel has delivered a second report, in the form of a memoir, condemning Clinton all over again. 

  • Yeltsin: “Let Us ... Get Rid of the Nuclear Footballs”

    Possibly for the first time in U.S. diplomatic history, the “Nuclear Football” became a subject of a heads-of-state discussion when Russian President Boris Yeltsin proposed getting “rid” of it during a meeting with U.S. President Bill Clinton in September 1994.

  • When presidents lawyer up: A brief history

    by Steven Lubet

    President Trump’s difficulty finding lawyers who will represent him in his current legal troubles tells us much about his leadership style and the advice he is willing to accept.