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Memo to Jeb Bush: It was W’s Surge that created ISIL, not Hillary

by Juan Cole

W's Iraq misadventure was the biggest foreign policy screw-up in American history.

The Daily Show in the Age of Irony

by Johann Neem

What The Daily Show did not do was convince us that political change was possible. We had already given up.

What do the Holocaust and Hiroshima — the two big events of WW II — share in common?

by Ran Zwigenberg

Both were responsible for creating a victim culture in Israel and Japan.

Can History Save the World?

by Nick Danforth

Only one historian clearly saved the world from destruction: Barbara Tuchman.

Roots of Reaganolatry

by Paul Krugman

Right-wing Reagan-worship requires a heavy dose of historical ignorance.

Japan’s way of remembering World War II still infuriates its neighbors

by Sarah Hyde

Unlike Germany, Japan never faced up to its wartime crimes. School children barely know what happened.

The Nagasaki Experience

by Susan Southard

Entering the Nuclear Age, Body by Body

Political Debates Weren’t Always This Exciting

by Josh Zeitz

Would you want to listen to three-and-a-half hours of Abraham Lincoln?

The Tough Love of ‘Austerity’

by Jennifer Szalai

When we talk about the need for austerity in Greece, the word conveys not just an economic but a moral requirement — a lesson that must be taught.

“Deflategate” and the “Father of Football”

by Julie Des Jardins

Today one could argue that the very size and convoluted nature of the NFL rule book is proof of football’s imperfection, but Walter Camp, the father of football, saw this development as progress.

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