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Trump: What's the Deal?

A 2012 documentary Trump tried to suppress can be seen on the web.

Hillary’s Too Fake. Donald’s Too Real.

by David Greenberg

2016 and the authenticity trap.

Bad Analogies Abounding on Iran Deal

by Jim Lobe

In their desperation to sabotage the nuclear deal between the P5+1 and Iran, neoconservative foes of the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA) are resorting to all kinds of historical analogies.

All the ways the new AP US history standards gloss over the country’s racist past

by Jake Flanagin

The revised AP curriculum significantly tones down language (and even mentions) of racial tension throughout US history.

Year of the Woman

In the fall of 1973, a documentary following women’s rights proponents at the 1972 Democratic Convention played at a small Greenwich Village theater to crowds wrapping around the block. But after a limited run, the film disappeared for more than 40 years.

Jeb Bush Admires a Really Lousy President — And It’s Not His Brother

by John Nichols

James K. Polk was condemned by John Quincy Adams, Henry David Thoreau, and Abraham Lincoln on issues of human bondage and lawless militarism.

Washington Post Op-Ed Highlights Dubious Secrets

by Tom Blanton

Clinton e-mails "Potentially Classified"; So Is This Posting

Our 'Merciful' Ending to the 'Good War'

by Christian Appy

"Here we are, 70 years after the nuclear obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and I'm wondering if we've come even one step closer to a moral reckoning with our status as the world's only country to use atomic weapons to slaughter human beings."

How a Young Joe Biden Turned Liberals Against Integration

by Jason Sokol

Forty years ago, the Senate supported school busing—until a 32-year-old changed his mind.

Five myths about the atomic bomb

by Gregg Herken

1. The bomb ended the war.

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