Poll: Americans want Eleanor Roosevelt on $10 bill

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In the weeks since the U.S. Treasury announced it would put a woman on the newly redesigned $10 bill, Americans have changed their mind about who they think should be the first woman to be featured on paper currency in more than a century.

In May, a Women on 20s poll found most people would like to see African-American abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. For the $10 bill, though, a Marist poll found most Americans would rather see former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

The poll found 27 people wanted Roosevelt on the bill and 17 percent wanted Tubman. Other poll participants selected Shoshone Indian guide Sacagawea with 12 percent, pilot Amelia Earhart with 11 percent, suffragette Susan B. Anthony with 11 percent and Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor with 4 percent.

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