NYT says a woman should replace Jackson on the $20 bill.

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There is no question that the United States should put a woman on its paper currency. But the Treasury Department’s plan to put one on the $10 bill, which currently has the image of Alexander Hamilton, is the wrong way to do it.

Treasury is proposing to put a woman’s portrait alongside Hamilton’s on the $10 bill, which is due for a redesign for anti-counterfeiting purposes. Jacob Lew, the Treasury secretary, is looking for a woman who “was a champion for our inclusive democracy” and the department will be taking suggestions on a website for the redesign. It is also holding public meetings, including one on July 15 in Washington. The new $10 is supposed to go into circulation in 2020.

There is good reason to keep Hamilton on the $10 bill. After all, he was the first Treasury secretary and the creator of the foundations of the American financial system. But there’s no reason to add another portrait to that bill.

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