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Obama Is Losing Iraq Just as LBJ Lost Vietnam

by Max Boot

Which way will Obama go now? Will he be another Johnson or a Bush?

The Numbing Spectacle of Racism

by Pamela Newkirk

What the ugly history of a 1906 Bronx Zoo exhibit tells us about ourselves today.

The right’s big history lie: Reagan, Disney, Vietnam and the war to redefine America

by Andrew Hartman

The battle over history is the battle to define America's story.

Can We Head Off a Long Hot Summer of Riots and Rebellion?

by Peter Dreier

The nation's attention has been focused on the recent riots in Baltimore, but the harsh truth is that they could have happened in any major city.

Wrong question was asked of Jeb Bush--here's the right one

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Our original sin was turning a blind eye to Saddam Hussein’s use of WMDs against his fellow Iraqis. And we’re still stumbling around in the dark, as Bashar Assad repeats a history that we would just as soon forget.

Balancing Act

by Jamelle Bouie

Democrats haven’t gone as far left as Republicans have gone right.

The myth of victory

by Mark Kukis

War isn't like it used to be. Victory is more elusive, and a strong military doesn't count as much.

The Texas Textbook Controversy. It's Part of a Long, Awful, Tradition.

by Christopher Babits

Public debate over the content of history textbooks goes back nearly 130 years, at least since the founding of the American Historical Association (AHA).

Delusionary Thinking in Washington

by Michael T. Klare

The Desperate Plight of a Declining Superpower

How Fleet Street turned Dunkirk from catastrophe into cultural icon

by John Jewell

For most British people the Dunkirk evacuation between May 26 and June 4 1940 was the most significant early event of World War II.

Whatever Happened to Surrender?

by Carlin Romano

Surrender has always been difficult when victor and vanquished lack common values and trust.

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