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Don’t Run, Elizabeth!

by Garry Wills

She has better things to do.

The False Iraq War Gotcha Narrative

by Max Boot

An honest accounting leaves plenty of blame all around—it doesn’t feed a simple “gotcha” narrative where supporters of the invasion were all evil and opponents of it all good.

Did Jeb Bush just commit a War Crime in Justifying the Iraq War?

by Juan Cole

Jeb Bush’s people are trying to walk back his disastrous interview with Megyn Kelly in which he said that even if he knew then what we all know now, he would have launched the war on Iraq in 2003.

Our clueless keyboard warriors need to simmer down about Islam: This is how the neo-cons led us to war

by Jim Sleeper

From Maher to Geller and Frum, pundits want to fight back hard against Islam. This kind of talk always ends badly

The Most Rightwing Government in Israel’s History

by Dr. Alon Ben-Meir

To stay in power Netanyahu has had to cut corrupt deals with rightwing fanatics.

On the Perennial Nature of U.S. Urban Riots - An Analysis

by Lawrence Davidson

If one goes to Wikipedia under the subject of “mass racial violence in the United States,” one will find a “timeline of events” running from 1829 to 2015. There are so many race-related riots listed for these 186 years that, from a historical point of view, rioting appears almost normal.

The new Joint Chiefs chairman should strive for independent thinking

by Max Boot

It's one thing to be a battlefield commander, even a four-star theater commander, and another thing to be the chairman of the Joint Chiefs — a job that is more political than strictly military.

Why Lincoln’s last speech matters

by Louis P. Masur

Lincoln’s last speech, delivered on 11 April 1865, seldom receives the attention it deserves.

Jewish Soldiers Battled Nazi Germany

by Alan Singer

Another Way to Teach about the European Holocaust

The American Military Uncontained

by William J. Astore

Chaos Spread, Casualties Inflicted, Missions Unaccomplished

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