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The dreams deferred by Baltimore’s mortgage crises set the stage for unrest

by Martha S. Jones

Baltimore residents have learned how dreams can be brutally deferred.

Open Letter to Anthony Kennedy

by Marc Stein

The Supreme Court should consider these questions before deciding the gay marriage cases.

Turning Presidents Into Pharaohs

by Benjamin Hufbauer

For many, presidential libraries are just a fact of American political life, but what are their deeper meanings?

Israel needs to acknowledge the reasons for the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe

by Alon Ben-Meir

"Israel must not conveniently dismiss anti-Semitism simply as an incurable disease when in reality it is practicing “anti-Semitism” against a large segment of its own population."

Leave Jackson on one side of the $20 bill and put his nemesis, Cherokee leader John Ross, on the other

by Steve Inskeep

And that’s just the start. Let’s put Frederick Douglass on the other side of the Lincoln $5 bill.

Je Suis Pamela Geller

by Jonathan Zimmerman

She’s an appalling bigot, but we need to defend her anyway.

Why the CVS Burned

by Louis Hyman

The rioting in Baltimore wasn’t hooliganism. It was a protest against the depredations of the ghetto economy.

The War of Northern Aggression

by James Oakes

A leading Civil War historian challenges the new orthodoxy about how slavery ended in America.

What Was on the Minds of the Big Three at Potsdam?

by Michael S. Neiberg

It wasn't the looming Cold War. It was the way World War I had ended. Call that the power of analogies from history.

Bernie Sanders's Presidential Bid Represents a Long Tradition of American Socialism

by Peter Dreier

Long deployed by the right as an epithet, this form of left-wing populism is as American as apple pie.

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