The 11 moments that define Hillary Clinton

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The typical presidential candidate explodes onto the national scene as something of an enigma. A Scott Walker or a Ted Cruz is well-known to political junkies but largely obscure to the average citizen. Even a candidate with high name recognition like Jeb Bush is trading on a family name, not on actual information people have about his past policies as governor of Florida. And since governors especially often don't directly address many issues of national significance, there is a natural and correct yearning to know more.

Hillary Clinton is different.

Since the early 1990s she's continually been one of the most famous and most covered people on the planet. Even before that, she was at least somewhat in the public eye as first lady of Arkansas, a pioneering woman lawyer, and even a noteworthy commencement speaker.

The world knows a lot about Hillary Clinton. Almost too much to process. And she's been famous for so long and inhabited so many roles that depending on when you first started following politics you may have a very different impression of her than someone who tuned in years before or later does.

To help everyone get on the same page, we've assembled the 10 beats that have defined Clinton in the public eye — from student radical to centrist senator, from Southern first lady to feminist icon, and from a 2008 candidate who struggled to win the youth vote to one now dominating the Democratic primary. ...

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