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The Scene of the Crime

by Seymour M. Hersh

A reporter’s journey to My Lai and the secrets of the past.

Murky waters: partisanship and foreign policy

by Lewis L. Gould

It’s time to retire the hoary phrase about politics and the water’s edge. It was never a guiding principle of American foreign policy before 1900.

The War on Poverty: Was It Lost?

by Christopher Jencks

A new review suggests a higher ratio of success to failure than opinion polls do.

When The KKK Was Mainstream

by Linton Weeks

Wait a minute. The Ku Klux Klan once had a baseball team?

Turncoats We Have Known

by Rick Perlstein

How leftists turned into rightists: they projected their own extremism onto the entire left and thus became conservative heroes.

What happens when inmates write a history of their own prison?

by Rebecca Onion

Inmates at America’s oldest women’s prison are writing a history of it—and exploding the myth of its benevolent founders.

The first black adolescent to become a millionaire

by Steve Gerkin

Historical records conflict over the issue of the first black female millionaire, though Sarah Rector was the first black adolescent to achieve millionaire status, hands down. Her road to riches involved mandated endowment, racial triumph, and good fortune.

Plan Bibi

by Andrew Meyer

The most recent Israeli election compels Zionists to examine our principles.

What Is Deism?

by Thomas Kidd

Most deists really did consider themselves serious theists, and many considered themselves devotees of Jesus and his teachings. Their deism was not just a convenient cloak for atheism.

Fight for black voting rights precedes the Constitution

by Van Gosse

In Boston and New York, leaders like John Hancock and Aaron Burr actively recruited “electors of color” after the American Revolution.

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