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Israel votes Apartheid

by Neve Gordon

"At least now there will be no liberal Zionist façade, camouflaging Israel’s unwillingness to dismantle its colonial project "

Hillary and Historians

by Jeffrey Frank

The email controversy is really about the obstruction of history, the deletion of America’s past, intentional or not.

The New American Order

by Tom Engelhardt

1% Elections, The Privatization of the State, a Fourth Branch of Government, and the Demobilization of "We the People"

Putting a Woman on the $20 Bill

Which woman would you pick?

How humans became human

by Avi Tuschman

In an international bestseller Youval Harari lays out a grand new history of our species focusing on 3 major revolutions: Cognitive Revolution, Agricultural Revolution, Scientific Revolution.

Noam Chomsky on the Roots of American Racism

by George Yancy and Noam Chomsky

Slavery and oppression of nonwhites were built into the foundations of the United States, and they didn’t end in 1865.

I liked the movie, but “Selma” missed a few teaching moments

by Julian E. Zelizer

There has been a lot written about what is wrong or right with the film Selma. Here are a few unexplored points.

Japan’s Abe Shinzo’s Plan to Dominate Okinawa

by Gavan McCormack

A grand, and massively unequal, struggle over the future of Japan is underway. It’s Okinawa’s protesters against the weight of Abe’s government.

Richer and Poorer

by Jill Lepore

Accounting for inequality.

Gov. Aycock and the tug-of-war over NC history

by Tim Tyson

Neither those who wish to rename buildings nor those who wish to leave these monuments present an ideal solution. What would be best is to erect plaques explaining Aycock’s legacy.

A Christian Nation? Since When?

by Kevin M. Kruse

America may be a nation of believers, but when it comes to this country’s identity as a “Christian nation,” our beliefs are all over the map.

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