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The power of story

by Elizabeth Svoboda

Across time and culture, stories have been agents of personal transformation – in part because they change our brains

‘Selma’ vs. History

by Elizabeth Drew

By distorting an essential truth about the relationship between Lyndon Johnson and Dr. Martin Luther King over the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Selma has opened a very large and overdue debate over whether and how much truth the movie industry owes to the public.

State of Mind: A Future Russia

by Walter Laqueur

How do Russians envisage their country’s place in the world fifteen or twenty years from now?

Putin Is Responding to the West's Pressure as We Would Respond

by William Polk

Our interests are best served by the establishment and continuation of healthy, independent and progressive nation states -- both Russia and Ukraine; not two states at daggers drawn.

Why America Keeps Losing Its Wars

by Walter Stewart

Walter Stewart explains why America is losing its wars and offers a simple solution.

Does every president need a separate library?

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Multiple libraries are wasteful, costing taxpayers millions of dollars every year. And they’re undemocratic, because they allow our presidents — not the people who elected them — to define their legacies.

The official history of Hirohito — decades in the making — is deeply flawed

by Herbert P. Bix

It sanitizes his weak leadership during World War II.

Japan’s Island Problem

by Alexis Dudden

The United States did not create these various island disputes, but as the victor in 1945, it drew expedient boundaries to contain a history of conflict, and those boundaries are showing their limits.

Climate change through history

by George F. Will

It has produced warming and cooling, prosperity and cities, war and famine

The Dukakis Lesson: Never Ignore an Attack

by David Corn

A new documentary shows that 1988 Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis learned this too late.

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