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Did Drought and Climate Change cause Middle Eastern States to Collapse in 2014?

by Juan Cole

Climate change not only makes agricultural problems worse, it has a direct negative affect. When it is hot, people fight more.

America: Australia's Dangerous Ally

by Malcolm Fraser

Australia should not embrace America, writes its former prime minister, but preserve itself from Washington’s reckless overreach.

New Attack on the ‘Comfort Women’

by Nogawa Motokazu

The Abe Cabinet continues its attempts to distort the ‘comfort women’ issue, making the most of Asahi Shimbun’s 5th August retraction of its past articles that employed the late Yoshida Seiji’s ‘testimonies.’

The myth that police were targets of widespread violence in the 1970s lives again

by Tony Platt

Contrary to popular perceptions, there are very few documented cases of politically motivated assassinations of state officials in the United States.

Are liberal politicians responsible for the violence against the police?

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Let’s stop blaming groups for the behavior of individuals.

Lincoln at Gettysburg

by Diana Schaub

The most obvious problem in approaching Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is that we know it so well.

Is history what you think you remember?

by Paul Krugman

1980 and all that

Henry Kissinger’s still got plenty new to say about foreign policy

by Niall Ferguson

A review of his new book.

A family survives the Armenian genocide and its long aftermath

by Raffi Khatchadourian

A century after the Armenian genocide, many details of its origins remain obscure. The pervasive state denial has corrupted access to official archives—with some closed, and others open in limited ways—and forced upon the research the distortions of politics.

Private Mercenaries and the War on Terror in American Foreign Policy

by Jeremy Kuzmarov

A blueprint for American strategy in the War on Terror was the 1959-1975 secret war in Laos, where the CIA worked with hundreds of civilian contractors

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