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Putin and the Art of Political Fantasy

by Walter Laqueur

For some considerable time the element of fantasy in Russian political discourse has been strong (and growing stronger), not only at the popular level but in official statements.

When J.F.K. Secretly Reached Out to Castro

by Michael Beschloss

There was a meeting just a few days before the president’s assassination to discuss overtures to Castro.

The Forgotten Futility of Torture - An Analysis

by Lawrence Davidson

It has long been known that torture does not work. One can go back to the Enlightenment.

The Senate Drone Report of 2019

by Tom Engelhardt

Looking Back on Washington’s War on Terror

They Said ‘No’ to Torture: The Real Heroes of the Bush Years

by Jon Wiener

Hidden in the Senate torture report are stories of some heroes—people inside the CIA who from the beginning said torture was wrong, who tried to stop it, who refused to participate.

The other story of Hanukkah

by Jonathan Zimmerman

How the Jewish holiday became distinctly, wonderfully, American

Dec. 14, 1799: The excruciating final hours of President George Washington

by Dr. Howard Markel

It was a house call no physician would relish.

Does Texas Care About the Truth in the Textbooks It Approves?

by Christopher Rose

Texas is Adopting New History Textbooks: Maybe They Should Be Historically Accurate.

Why 1940s America wasn’t as religious as you think — the rise and fall of American religion

by Tobin Grant

It’s common for people to believe that religion was always more vibrant in the past.

Lift the sanctions on North Korea

by Christine Ahn and Suzy Kim

"Instead of relying on the failed Washington policy of 'strategic patience' it is time for a bold move that will truly bring North Korea into the community of nations, leaving no excuse to delay addressing human rights – sign a peace treaty to end the state of war."

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