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How American voters fell out of love with their own parties

by Leon Neyfakh

Today we hate the other side more than we root for our own team. Why the end of rah-rah politics is bad for democracy.

A Day Late & a Dollar Short: Obama & China agree on Languid Climate Goals

by Juan Cole

Neither country has been willing to do all that much at all to reduce emissions.

The military make mistakes in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the self-criticism’s become excessive

by Max Boot

Despite the dismal state of Iraq today and to a lesser extent of Afghanistan, America’s veterans can be proud of their achievements over the past 13 years.

Treat street harassment as a crime

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Learn from 'masher' prosecutions, and go after at least some of the men who menaced Shoshana Roberts

Two ideologically based societies have developed within the United States, and the differences between them are growing.

by Paul Starr

The country is stuck but it is not stationary. Some things are changing—just not at the federal level.

A German-Jewish Zionist Explains Why Anti-Semitism Is All the Same

by Maxim Biller

Faced with specific pressures in Europe, a writer asks, ‘Would I think and write in a different way if there were no Israel?’

What we can learn from Vietnam War veterans about heroin addictions

by James Clear

95% of Vietnam veterans who used heroin got off it when they returned home. What was their secret?

The Story of How The New Republic Invented Modern Liberalism

by Franklin Foer

The magazine was born wearing an idealistic face. The editors would help craft a new notion of American government, one that now goes by a very familiar name: liberalism

Was Vincent Van Gogh Murdered?

by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith

If Van Gogh didn’t shoot himself, who did shoot him?

Even George Washington couldn't get along with the Senate

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Tension between the chief executive and the upper body of Congress is baked into our national DNA.

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