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How a Nixon Lawyer Fell Out of Love with Tricky Dick and Came to Tell the Real Story of Watergate

by David Greenberg

Now, on the fortieth anniversary of Nixon’s resignation, Dean has done what Nixon knew he could never do: listen to “all that crap,” make transcripts of the cover-up-related conversations, and write his own history of what happened.

Don’t Accept Putin’s Version of History

by Anne Applebaum

The West didn’t provoke Russia. It gave it more credit than it deserved.

Some in Japan want to deny "comfort women" were employed in WW II. They need to watch this.

by David McNeill

Japanese wartime medical orderly reports on army’s role in maintaining “comfort women” system.

Selective Memory and the CIA

by Max Boot

"Talk about politicized intelligence. At least that’s what it would be called if the president in office were a Republican."

Paranoia Crept into American Political Life a Long Time Ago

by Lewis Beale

Fifty Years ago, “The Paranoid Style of American Politics” changed how we think about modern conservatism. The American polity has been dealing with it ever since.

How an African slave helped Boston fight smallpox

by Ted Widmer

Centuries before Ebola, Cotton Mather faced down another global epidemic with a health tactic from abroad.

How Hong Kong's business elite have thwarted democracy for 150 years

by Philip Bowring

Philip Bowring says a look back over the past 150 years reveals how Hong Kong's business elite have continually used their power to frustrate the public's democratic ambitions

Watergate campaign finance reforms are 40 years old (video history)

Forty years later, some say the scandal isn’t what’s illegal, it’s what’s legal.

Fear of immigrants spreading disease is nothing new

by Jonathan Zimmerman

"But a blanket prohibition on travel from West Africa? That’s prejudice, plain and simple."

Will the War on Terror Be the Template for the Ebola Crisis?

by Karen J. Greenberg

Fighting the Last War

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