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Why conservatives are so upset with the new AP standards

by Tom Sullivan

More analysis now of the recent attempt by Colorado conservatives to present students with a properly soft-focused American history.

Even if we defeat the Islamic State, we’ll still lose the bigger war

by Andrew J. Bacevich

As America’s efforts to “degrade and ultimately destroy” Islamic State militants extend into Syria, Iraq War III has seamlessly morphed into Greater Middle East Battlefield XIV.

How African-Americans responded to Gone with the Wind

by E.R. Shipp

On this 75th anniversary of the film, a historical look at how the black press covered its premiere and the film’s depiction of slavery and black citizens.

How Not To Understand ISIS

by Alireza Doostdar

Sensationalist accounts of “shari‘a justice” notwithstanding, we do not have much information about how ISIS administers the lives of millions of people who reside in the territories it now controls.

China’s president is invoking the Silk Road in diplomacy with neighbors. Does he understand what the Silk Road was all about?

by Tansen Sen

The romantic concept of a historic Silk Road by which camel caravans wend among the mountains and deserts of Central Asia is back in the news.

6 Mind-Blowing Tactical Tricks That Turned The Tide Of War

by Jeremy Bender

Technology and manpower never guarantee a military victory by themselves.

Obama’s misguided in claiming he knows which is the right side of history

by Jonah Goldberg

We’ve heard a great deal lately about the “wrong side of history.” Although a slogan that glorifies history, it is a statement about the future, not the past.

The Yasukuni Shuffle: China and Japan duke it out via T.V. Serials on the Wrongs of WW II

by Philip J Cunningham

Everyday hundreds, if not thousands of Chinese and Japanese kill one another on Chinese television.

Will Syria Be Obama’s Vietnam?

by Fredrik Logevall and Gordon M. Goldstein

Will Mr. Obama repeat history and commit ground troops?

The Congressman Who Spied for Russia

by Peter Duffy

The strange case of Samuel Dickstein.

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