Confederate flag in dorm roils Bryn Mawr campus

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Two students at Bryn Mawr College tacked up a Confederate flag in their dormitory hall and taped a "Mason-Dixon line" across the floor - a move they said was merely a display of their Southern pride.

But that display sent the small Main Line women's college into an uproar, with cries of protest from the student NAACP group and others, who called the items symbols of white supremacy, slavery, and hate.

"I shouldn't have to walk past a Confederate flag on the way to my Black American Sociological Perspectives class, where we literally watch videos and learn about how that flag represents hatred and the lynching of people that look like me," said Bryn Mawr senior Allegra Tomassa Massaro, president of the NAACP, Tri-College Chapter. "That should not be part of my college experience."

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