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How women got in on the Civil Rights Act

by Louis Menand

The Sex Amendment

Al-Abadi garners Iranian, US, Saudi Support: But can He Unite Iraq?

by Juan Cole

If Iranian, Turkish and Saudi support for al-Abadi is more than lip service, it could be important to al-Abadi’s success.

Lessons of the War in Gaza

by Daniel Pipes

As Israeli operations against Hamas wind down, here are seven insights into the month-long conflict.

Sex, cocaine and epic binge drinking. What the history books don’t tell you about life in Britain during the Great War

by Terry Charman

As the horrors raged in the trenches, and young men died in squalor by their thousands, back home in Britain a new national crisis had taken hold — one as unexpected as it was disturbing.

The American Left: Friends of Our Country’s Enemies

by Ron Radosh

"The American Left used to be patriotic."

Nuclear 'Command And Control': A History Of False Alarms And Near Catastrophes (Interview)

by Eric Schlosser

"One of the themes of my book is about how we are so much better at creating complex technological systems than we are at controlling them."

The New Racism

by Jason Zengerle

This is how the civil rights movement ends.

Islam And Modernity, History Running Backward From Cairo To Berlin

by Zafer Åženocak

The former joy of life in Middle Eastern cities has been replaced by a kind of hostility to life that began with a devaluation of metropolitan bourgeois culture.

The Weird Minutes Before Nixon’s Resignation

by Andrea Denhoed

Many Americans remember the telecast during which Richard Nixon announced his resignation from the Presidency as a dark moment in the nation’s history. The comedian Harry Shearer has another word for the events of that night: “goofy.”

Can China Legitimate Its Would-Be Hegemony in Asia?

by Robert E. Kelly

It may dominate the region, but would Chinese hegemony be something more than despotism?

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