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What Historians Get Wrong About The First World War

by Stephen A. Schuker

On the eve of the Great War's centennial, many still get a great deal wrong about the conflict's outbreak: the world did not blunder into mass bloodletting by accident.

Why They Fight: Hamas’ Too-Little-Known Fascist Charter

by Jeffrey Herf

As the Gaza conflict rolls on, the Western press has virtually ignored Hamas’s 1988 “Covenant,” which precisely details the terror group’s radical anti-Semitism and intellectual debt to Nazi ideology.

Five myths about impeachment

by Jonathan Turley

Much of the debate has been more mythological than constitutional.

The Nixon Memorial

by Jeff Shesol

Nixon’s not back; he never left.

Hiroshima Day 2014: How Many Minutes to Midnight?

by Noam Chomsky

It is a near miracle that we have escaped destruction so far, and the longer we tempt fate, the less likely it is that we can hope for divine intervention to perpetuate the miracle.

How & Why Russia Forgot The Great War

by Alexey Eremenko

Russians generally do not often speak of World War I.

How Church Attendance Affects American Attitudes toward Israel

by Daniel Pipes

"Religious Americans are significantly more likely than less religious Americans to be sympathetic to the Israelis."

An East-West Showdown in the Heart of Africa?

by Nick Turse

The Obama dream to turn South Sudan into a functioning democracy has fizzled.

Why We’re Scared of Masturbation

by Jesse Singal

It would be a mistake to view Western fears about masturbation as an ancient line of thought stemming from Judeo-Christian religious texts.

Tragedy of Warsaw repeats itself in world’s current conflicts

The lesson of Warsaw is that the fight for liberty is a lonely endeavor.

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